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Ask me anything.

I won't guarantee that I'll answer, and I won't guarantee that your primitive minds will be able to comprehend my answers if I do so choose, but go ahead and ask. I'm bored, and it'll provide me with a small modicum of amusement.

(OOC: I write Q in multiple prompt communities and a few RPGs. This is the contact post for anyone from any of those groups who needs to get hold of Q or Q's mun. For the casual reader of this journal there will be multiple timelines in operation depending on the RPG, or if it's a prompt community; you can track posts related to specific RPGs with the tag list or by the Memories.)
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OOC: Crossposted from Theatrical Muse today.

Prompt 388: Who do you owe an apology to?

"Owe an apology." That's an interesting phrase. It implies that a transaction of some sort has occurred, that an apology is some kind of payment for goods received. That one has the right to demand an apology of another.

I have to question that, seriously. An apology is an expression of one person's regret for their own actions. How can you owe another person an emotion? Your emotions are your own. No one has the right to tell you what to feel, and thus, no one can be owed any emotion, regret or otherwise.

I don't owe anyone an apology. No one did me services in exchange for my freely agreeing to pay them with an apology. It's not likely that I'd take that deal, either, unless I sincerely meant an apology and in that case probably I'd have apologized already... okay, maybe not. I'm not the biggest fan of apologizing at any time, if you must know. But even if I wanted to apologize, the fact that someone else was demanding it of me would make me lose all interest in doing it.

Now. Is there anyone I've harmed, where I regret harming them?

That, I would have to say yes to. But that's not what you asked.

There are those I wish I could undo the harm I'd done to them, or express to them my regret. Generally speaking, I haven't apologized to them, either because they're dead, or because I don't see the point. If I can fix the harm I did, and I regret doing it, then I'll have already fixed it and I don't need to apologize. And if I can't fix the harm, then what good does it do to say some words? That's hardly going to help.

But even if I felt that apologizing would solve anything, even if I were inclined to apologize... I still wouldn't owe one to anyone.

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG and VOY


May. 7th, 2011 02:34 am
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For [community profile] musing_way.

Prompt 32: Gratitude

Data was in sickbay, half taken apart, Crusher and LaForge working frantically at putting him back together. Q felt awful. At first he'd thought the sick feeling he was experiencing was related to the attack on him, but the shot Crusher gave him -- after perfunctorily scanning him, and then turning aside to work on Data immediately afterward as if Q's injuries were so trivial she couldn't spare him a word, and given that he was the one the attack was aimed at, that hardly seemed fair -- had at least alleviated the pain in his head and in the places where he'd hit the floor. He was coming to the conclusion that what he was feeling had nothing to do with his human body.

He was alive, and mostly healthy, some bruises aside, but the Calamarain had been after him. Data hadn't even existed when he'd played his games with the Calamarain -- Data had had nothing to do with it. But Data was dying, and he wasn't.

Debts that cannot be paid )

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Prompt 386: Do you have children? If not, do you want them one day? Talk about what being a parent means to you.

Yes. I have a son. I mean, I've only talked about him here approximately seven quadrillion times, so I can see how that might have escaped some people's attention, but I admit it. I am a dad.

I'd say "God help me", except that I'm the closest thing to a god I know, so it would be kind of pointless.

Managing to have no idea what you're getting into is a neat trick for a nigh-omniscient being, but somehow, I pulled it off. )
Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager


Apr. 1st, 2011 11:54 pm
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(For [community profile] musing_way.)

"Do you have any family?" the child asked him.

Q is startled by the question. He's simply never considered it, one way or another.

What does "family" even mean, in this context? He examines the child's mind. To her, family means a unit of genetic continuity -- parents, siblings, grandparents. She's thinking of her own family, of a little brother and an older sister, of the parents of her parents, of the siblings of her parents and their children, her cousins. It's a small unit, isolated in her mind from the rest of her species, a special little group of "us" in a sea of "them."

Q does not have anything like that.

What is family? )
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(OOC: crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.)

Ah, April Fool's Day. My favorite holiday... except in years when I lose a bet with my son and have to wear a hideous sweater. Oh, well, I suppose it could be worse. The last time I lost a bet to him, I had to go to school. For a year. Pretending to be a mortal human teenager. ...I much prefer the sweater, honestly.

Anyway. Advice.

Prompt #380: What is the best advice you've ever received? (Or, if you prefer, what was the worst?)

The worst advice I ever received was to go talk to a Listener about my problems. I mean, I went there, in good faith, to talk to her about some... personal issues I was having, and she locked me out of the universe. I'm pretty sure that most codes of ethical conduct frown on counselors doing that to their patients, or for that matter bartenders doing that to their customers.

And then, of course, there's the general "Q, grow up", "Q, do what the Continuum tells you to," "Q, become completely boring just like the rest of us", and all the other nonsense various members of the Continuum have advised me to do throughout the aeons, but I never took that advice, so I don't even count it. The advice to talk to a Listener, however... I actually took that advice, more fool me.

The best advice I ever got came from my old friend Q, shortly before I gave him the poison he used to kill himself. I'd... reformed, sort of, more or less, after the Continuum took away my powers. Toed the line, followed the rules, obeyed my instructions, you know the drill. And he told me that he missed the old me. That I was certainly a fine, upstanding Q now... but that he wished I was still the irrepressible rebel I'd been. And he challenged me to find a way to defy the Continuum that didn't result in my having my powers taken away.

I'm pretty sure he didn't mean for me to start a civil war, but it turned out to be the best possible thing for me and for the Continuum (well, being the best possible thing for the Continuum is a matter of opinion, but it's my opinion. You wanna hear another opinion, go ask a different Q.)

Muse: Q
Fandom: ST:TNG and VOY
Note: The references to Q losing a bet with his son and having to spend a year as a mortal student are a nod to the fic A Year With Q, a Harry Potter crossover by Morena Evensong.


Feb. 11th, 2011 12:37 am
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For [community profile] musing_way.
(Warnings: From a human perspective the things that happen in this story would be upsetting, but are too fantastical, too much unlike the reality humans live with, to trigger most people. From Q's own perspective, however, this ficlet deals with gang rape and attempted murder, and his emotional state conveyed in the ficlet will reflect that. Be forewarned.)

(Prompt 73: Scared) )
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Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.

Prompt 373: Are you more likely to please others or to please yourself?

The real question is, am I *ever* likely, at any time, to try to please others?

Honestly, yeah, sometimes, but only if it pleases me to do so. I do what I want, when I want, regardless of anyone else's opinions on the matter, and if I refrain from doing what I want it's because doing it would prevent me from having something else I want. For instance, I might refrain from egregiously disobeying the Continuum because I kind of like being alive, having my powers, and not being locked up in a comet or something. However, that doesn't mean that I am trying to please the Continuum at the expense of pleasing myself; it means I'm trying to please the Continuum just enough to not end up greatly displeasing myself.

There are, sometimes, things I might do to please others, but only if making them happy is something that would please me. And even within those parameters, there are things I won't do to please anyone, no matter how much I like them.

My life is all about me. Frankly, I don't see why any of you do it differently. Mortal lives are too short to spend in service to someone else, denying yourself so others can be happy, and Q lives are too long to spend doing things you don't enjoy. Why would anyone prefer pleasing others to pleasing themselves?
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OOC: Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.

Prompt 368: "It is but to keep the nerves at strain,
To dry one's eyes and laugh at a fall,
And baffled, get up to begin again,—
So the chase takes up one's life, that's all."
--Life in a Love, Robert Browning

You know, I'd consider this a rare example of humans actually managing to say something profound if I hadn't read the whole poem.

Taken out of context, this quote suggests that the point to life is to keep striving, to keep chasing after something. It's a similar sentiment to another quote from a human: "A man's reach must exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" Given that we, ourselves, have spent a good bit of time in denial of this basic concept, it's rather amazing to me that a species as limited and pathetic as humans could realize it.

The point to life is the chase. To keep searching, to keep reaching for something new. To better yourself (which, unfortunately, gets exponentially harder the closer to perfection you get.) I, along with most of the Q, tried to pretend for millions of years that we *had* reached the pinnacle, that there was nothing more we needed to reach for... and I was miserable, and bored out of my mind, because stagnation is death and the Red Queen's Race applies to all sentient beings, not just the inferior ones. As soon as you stop running forward you slide backward. Even if you are immortal and omnipotent.

Oh, if only the poem had actually been limited to this simple quote... )
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OOC: Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.

Prompt 361: Have you ever been arrested? Talk about your run-ins with the law.

You do realize, those aren't the same question, right?

I've never been arrested. "Arrested" implies that someone took custody of you and brought you, unwilling, to a place where you would be tried for a crime. The Q Continuum doesn't need to arrest miscreant Q; our power depends on our connection to the Continuum, and no one who wants to remain immortal and powerful will fail to show up with bells on when the Continuum summons them, even if they kind of have a rather strong suspicion that maybe they're going to be walking into an inquisition.

Also, Picard threw me in the brig once, but I'm not sure that counts as being arrested either, because I'm pretty sure he never actually charged me with anything.

Now, I've had many, many run-ins with the law. I believe I may have mentioned a few such incidents in the past. I'm... not exactly well known for being the most law-abiding Q ever. There's also all the other assorted species who would be thrilled to put me on trial, or actually have (in absentia, since they didn't exactly have the power to arrest me, but on occasion I showed up to observe the proceedings anyway... also, to point and laugh, eat popcorn, make rude comments, and generally express how amusing I found their belief that their law could apply to a being like myself.) But I've never been arrested, since the only beings with the power to make me go anywhere against my will also have the power to tell me "Come home and explain yourself to a jury of your peers," and... well, refusing such an order has never worked out well for any other Q, so I tend to show up when they tell me.

Hmm... There is one incident that could be described as arrest, I suppose. I'd been hanging out with a bunch of losers because their leader was a charismatic, entertaining guy... at least until I figured out that he was an unmitigated sadist whose idea of "testing" lesser races consisted of torturing them to death, but by that time, it was a little too late for one particular species of his victims. I did turn on him and defeat him for the sake of the rest of the Continuum, after they'd driven off or taken into custody the rest of his pals, but the fact that I'd been involved with the guy in the first place meant I got to stand trial with him and his loser monotheistic pal (who, by the way, has still not figured out how to ask mortals for starship without making them wonder what the hell an omnipotent being would need with one), which was... sort of like being arrested, I guess. I mean, the Q "escorted" me to a holding area to stand trial; they didn't trust me to go under my own power, which I guess counts as being arrested. But, I mean, I did go voluntarily. I wouldn't have tried to run if they had trusted me to go by myself. Just because I'd run once was no good reason to assume I'd try the same stunt again, you know.

Okay. So I guess, by the strictest of definitions, I've been arrested once. But considering how many times I've run afoul of the laws and rules of the Continuum, that's practically like never having been arrested at all.

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
Note: The story of the one time Q *was* "arrested" comes from Greg Cox's "Q Continuum" trilogy, published by Pocket Books.
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OOC: Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.

Prompt 360: What haunts you/what has come back to haunt you?

What an absurd question. The Q are immortal, omnipotent, and invulnerable. To be haunted is to be tormented by insubstantial things -- memories that evoke guilt, future thoughts that inspire fear. Well, there's no point to fearing the future when nothing can harm you, and as for memories, while I can remember everything that has ever happened to me in the past several billion years with perfect precision, I also have complete control over what I choose to remember.

So I don't have to think about the things that might bother me. Not that anything bothers me, anyway. I'm as immune to guilt as I am to fear. But if I *was* bothered by anything -- for instance, if it bothered me to remember how I destroyed my best friend's life, or how I executed another of my friends under the Continuum's orders, or the fellow Q I killed during the war, then I just wouldn't have to remember those things. And if it ever disturbed me that I might just have seen the creator of the universe end it out of boredom and I have no guarantee that she won't do it again, well, I never have to think about that either.

Nothing haunts me.

Unless I choose to think about it.

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
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OOC: crossposted from [community profile] theatrical_muse today.

This may quite possibly be the most trivial batch of questions I've answered.

Or maybe not. I've answered a lot of utterly trivial questions, after all.

Prompt 324: If you as a child could see yourself now, what do you think you would say?

"Man, everybody else in the Continuum got so boring! But at least I/you don't/didn't, otherwise I'd just have to kill myself, and since the Q haven't yet figured out how to kill ourselves I'd have a lot of technical problems with that."

Okay, maybe that isn't what I would have said. But if I was a child now and I met my future self who is the me I am now, I would most definitely say something like that.

Either that or "What's up with the humans? They don't look like they're all that."

Prompt 339: What's your favorite sport?

Taunting Klingons.

Okay, taunting anyone, actually. But taunting humans takes work, and creativity. When I really just want to kick back and relax and do something that requires less than .000001% of a picofraction of my vast intellect, I taunt Klingons. It's like taking candy from a baby, really, but oh such yummy candy...

Prompt 352: How do you respond to pressure?

How does anyone respond to pressure? By compacting and becoming denser and more tightly packed, of course. What, don't you know physics?

Prompt 354: Planes, trains, automobiles - what mode(s) of transport do you prefer and why?

I'm really fond of teleportation, myself.

If I had to pick one of the above... if I had to pick one of the above, I think I'd never leave home. How can you people possibly stand it?

Prompt 355: What socially acceptable practice do you disapprove of?


It's not the getting married part, it's the monogamy. )

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
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Crossposted from [community profile] musing_way, today.

"Let me get this straight," Q said to the entity sitting across from him in the bar.

Actually that isn't accurate at all. To say they were in a "bar" implies that they were in a physical, matter-based location where beings consumed alcoholic beverages in order to alter their mental states. The two entities in question, being non-corporeal, couldn't have been affected by alcohol even if there had been any there, which there wasn't, because the location they were actually in was also non-corporeal, and alcohol, being made of matter, could not have existed there. Neither of them were sitting, because sitting implies the existence of legs and a posterior, and neither of them were speaking English, or any language humans could have comprehended, or, in fact, any language at all, really... as beings of thought made real in energy, they communicated in pure concepts.

They were actually floating together in an anomalous region of extra-dimensional space whose unique properties reflect the thought energies generated by sentient beings back at them, producing an echo/interference effect which is somewhat disorientg, but in a pleasant way, to entities who are normally incapable of experiencing disorientation, thus producing a slight impairment that many entities find disinhibiting and relaxing, as well as a somewhat euphoric sensation. The location is popular among Beings of Power for precisely that reason, and is often filled with entities of different species, all of whom are generally powerful enough to be worshipped by mortals as gods, relaxing and socializing with one another.

In other words, they were both in a place where beings like them often went to hang out, converse, and get buzzed. A bar, by any other name.

And the information that Q transmitted to his temporary companion, which was expressed conceptually rather than in words, translates more literally as "response to your statement: amusement/mild disbelief/slightly less mild disapproval (embedded concept: suspicion that your concept was communicated as fiction for purposes of generating amusement) (embedded concept: if the concept you communicated was true, I strongly suspect that you are a moron): Request more detailed information to clarify that my comprehension of your concept matches your transmission." However, Q himself frequently argues that when attempting to communicate with alien beings about something that happened to him, it is much better to express the events in metaphors that accurately communicate how he perceived the event rather than attempting to accurately render an actual description of the event. Using language that closely describes his actual means of communicating with other entities like himself makes Q sound much more alien to the beings he's talking to than using language that assumes that he is "normal", however the people he's talking to perceive "normal" to be, and translating his experiences into emotionally similar experiences they might have in order to make himself appear "normal" to their frame of reference.

In other words, Q lies all the time to make himself sound less alien than he actually is. It's a Q thing. They all do it. Except for the ones that don't, but mortals never get a chance to talk to them, largely because they're completely incomprehensible.

So. Q was in a bar, sitting next to another entity, and he said, "Let me get this straight..." because Q never describes his own experiences to mortals in terms of what actually happened, and that's the best metaphor to use to describe what happened in terms that mortals easily understand.

The dying god's a junkie? )
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OOC: crossposted from theatrical_muse, today.

Haha! And you thought I was going to make another joke about catchup, didn't you?

344. Talk about something cheerful.
Cheerful! Sure! I can be cheerful! )

345: Are you well organised?
At a biological level I'm better organized than *you* are )

346: What haven't you finished?

Living. Learning. Changing. Growing. Raising my son. Developing understanding and wisdom. Having fun. Annoying the living daylights out of everyone in the universe.

I realize that to your perceptions, one of these things is not like the other, but from my perspective it's all part of my life, and I won't be finished with it until I'm dead, and given that I'm immortal, I'm expecting the universe to end first.

347: Where are you going?

Anywhere I want to, but that's the wrong question. I'm not going to a "where", except in the trivial sense that I travel all over the universe, all the time. I'm going to a "what". I'm going toward all the things I haven't finished yet.

348: What phrase or saying do you find most irritating?

"What do you dream about?" "What happens when you go to sleep?" "What was your favorite day?" "What will be on your tombstone?" "What secrets would you like to know?" "Money." "Death." "Earth's solar calendar." "Physical objects." oh, and really, just about any other phrase or question that implies that the person you're talking to necessarily has human limitations. Like being doomed to die someday. Or having to go to sleep on a regular basis.

You know, just because I'm immensely superior to all of you, with vastly more intelligence and nigh-infinite resources to draw from, doesn't mean I'm not a person, folks. An entity could start to feel left out around here.
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OOC: Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse, today.

Prompt 344: Have you ever sold out?

I'm five billion years old. I think that at one point or another I've done everything there is to do except die.

But that doesn't mean I particularly like to think about some of the things I've done. )


Jul. 31st, 2010 11:09 pm
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For [community profile] musing_way, prompt 59: No.

He had everything planned out. It was more than slightly ridiculous that it should have come to this, that he should be depending on a mere mortal for anything whatsoever, but strictly speaking it was the human's fault that he was in this situation. He wouldn't have been so desperately lonely, so bored and unhappy, that he would need to stoop to asking to join a crew full of mortals, if the human hadn't thwarted his attempt to prove to the Continuum that he could still construct a brutal, impassable test by, well, passing his test. Or getting his weaker-willed crewman to pass it, anyway.

Okay, so strictly speaking the Continuum told him to take a hike because he'd never been supposed to offer the powers of the Q to Riker in the first place, so maybe the fact that Picard had kept Riker from accepting was a moot point, but Q was pretty sure that had he succeeded, it would have been a fait accompli and his political enemies in the Continuum wouldn't have had quite so much ammunition. Now they were debating his fate in a closed session, and he wasn't allowed to return to the Continuum until they summoned him, and he was... not worried, of course, he was a Q and the Q were never worried. Nothing he'd done merited a severe punishment. He'd get another slap on the wrist. He was sure of it. Well, pretty sure. Which, given his nigh-omnipotence, was better than absolute certainty from a human anyway. But that wasn't the point.

Simply speaking, we don't trust you. )
Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG
This prompt response is canon-based.
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Prompt 341: What makes you cry?
Prompt 342: Interruption.

What makes me cry? That's a joke, right? It's beyond absurd to imagine that an entity of my nature, a superior being at the pinnacle of evolution, immortal, omnipotent and essentially invulnerable, could ever be brought so low as to cry, like a mortal infant. The very fact that you'd even ask me such a question proves how inferior

Hey there! Remember me? Your old pal Q? No, not him, the other Q. I was in the area and just noticed Q attempting to pass off some extra-grade, hi-test, hypoallergenic bull on his unsuspecting audience, so I thought I'd drop in and clear things up.

What the HELL are you doing here, Q? You're interrupting me in my own journal? Again? Get your own journal and stop breaking into mine!

Q, old buddy, old pal... what fun would that be? I'm not here to talk about me, I'm here to make fun of you. And when you tell a whopper like "I never cry", you gotta admit, it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I just can't resist.

No. I'm not letting you do this to me again. Go--

We interrupt Q's usual self-important ranting about what a special snowflake he is to bring you this update! Hey, no, I'm not letting you get control back until I've said my piece. I'm still older than you and besides, seven out of ten Q surveyed really wanna hear me take you down a notch and the other three don't care. )
Muse: Q
Fandom: TNG
Note: The other Q is the one from the episode "Deja Q", played by Corbin Bernsen. He's usually referred to in fandom as Q2.
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Prompt 338: Tell the story behind your name (or nickname).

The first thing I ought to point out is that Q is not my name.

What's in a name, anyway? )

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG/VOY
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OOC: Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse today.

Prompt 336: What's the worst compliment you've ever received?

"Sometimes I forget you're not human."

I trust I don't have to explain why that is a truly awful excuse for a compliment.

Along the same lines, "Perhaps there's a residue of humanity in Q after all," "perhaps there's more humanity in you than I thought," "that's... almost human of you," and other comments of that ilk. Actually, those are worse. "Sometimes I forget you're not human" could theoretically be a compliment on my acting skills and the success of my mimicry of the human form, rather than actually trying to *compliment* me on sinking to the level of a pathetic short-lived mortal species, but the others were attempts at back-handed praise.

What is it with human starship captains and their love affair with their own species, anyway? Here's one that wasn't directed at *me*, but the circumstances made it absolutely appalling. This human captain's nonhuman best friend dies bravely to save the entire ship, and at his funeral, while delivering the eulogy, the captain chokes up, gets all sad and dramatic, and says, "Of all the souls I've encountered, his was the most... human." Come on! As if intelligence, loyalty, strength of will, or a willingness to die nobly for others' sake are solely human traits. I mean, when I saw that, I was glad the dead guy was too dead at the time to hear the comment. (He got better, later, but I'm not sure he ever found out what his friend said at his eulogy.)

But at least *he* was half human, though he didn't identify with it. Calling *me* humanlike is just insulting. And most of the people who use it to "compliment" me know I feel that way about it (and wouldn't react at all to me calling them Q-like... if I was going to do such a thing, which I never would, because none of them are remotely like a Q.)

Now that I think of it, Amanda got rather upset with me when I tried to compliment her on how much like a Q she was becoming. But that's hardly fair. She *is* a Q, and if she develops as she should, she *ought* to become more Q-like and less human-like.

Muse: Q
Fandom: Star Trek TNG (with gratuitous TOS references)

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